• Our main Dharma is towards our customers

People whose lives we attempt to enrich by building homes, workplace, and pathways to the future. Our constructions will utilize the best technologies to provide hassle-free products and services of the highest quality and value with a direct focus on meeting our customers’ needs. We will always respond to our customers with promptness, sensitivity, respect, and integrity. Work and business ethics will be the foundation of our values citadel.

  • Our next Dharma is to our employees

Our most important resource. We will provide an enjoyable work environment. We will promote responsible teamwork, continuous improvement, and excellence in all phases of business. We will be firm and fair in our dealings with our employees and reward them based on merit. We will set a high standard of disciplined working and lead by example.

  • We have Dharma towards the communities

We work in and we will continually pledge 5% of our annual profits towards their welfare. We will follow the laws of the land to pay our share of taxes.

  • Our final Dharma is towards our shareholders

Who have imposed their trust in us. Our business must make a sound profit. We will continually look at innovative ways of doing things and experiment with new ideas. We will create an adequate reserve for adverse times. We will offer our shareholders a fair return on their investment.

  • Our Drishti

Focus on becoming a leading construction company.

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